It’s Carnival Time! Your personal invitation to the Party of the Year

Everyone, young and old, loves the party atmosphere and gripping spectacle of a carnival. But in Livigno, in the heart of the snowy Alps, carnival time is quite literally taken to a higher level.

Located high in the beautiful Italian province of Lombardy province, this charming Italian resort is world renowned for its unparalleled mountain scenery and fantastic snowsports – in fact, it recently won the prestigious title Best European Resort 2012 at the World Snow Awards in London. However it’s in the month of February that Livigno really does come alive
. . . this is the month of the astounding Carnevale!

Celebrated in Italy forty days before Easter, this traditional party takes place before Ash Wednesday and the restrictions of Lent. In fact, it is one of Italy’s biggest and most popular festivals, attracting visitors from all over the world, and many events across the country often last for two to three weeks before the actual carnival day.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

This year Livigno’s very own spectacular event, which is absolutely free for all the resort’s visitors, takes place from February 7 until February 12. The celebrations kick off with a downhill convoy of skiers wearing traditional mountain gear before huge, colourful floats parade through the streets, which are adorned with confetti and streamers and are buzzing with partygoers of all ages, including excited children and families.

Throughout this eventful week of parades, pageants and parties, you, too, will have the opportunity to dress up and attend a masque ball – or maybe you’d like to try your hand at the annual Rodeo Challenge? Of course, among the many fun events, the skiing and snowboarding is highly encouraged too.

Three very special days will form the highlight of the event, during which the districts of Livigno – Truzz, Frogs, and Spazzon Trepall – will compete in different specialties to win the highly coveted Trophy Contrade 2013.

Book your place!

With easily accessed flights form the UK, partygoers can choose luxury accommodation in Livigno from an incredibly wide and varied choice, including 105 hotels, 25 garni (small run hotels on B&B) and more than 1000 apartments. So when you need to relax away from the festivities, you can enjoy the modern comforts of luxury living amid the town’s beautiful and traditional architecture.

Famous for its immense snowfall and perfect temperatures, not to mention first class resort services Livigno is undoubtedly the perfect place to fully appreciate incredible snowsports and authentic Italian culture . . . And when better to visit than carnival time?

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