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• Pied A Terre Adventures specialises in guided and self-guided walking adventures, courses and challenges in the UK and beyond.
• The company was co-founded by husband-and-wife team, Richard and Kirstie Betts, almost 10 years ago. Their main aim is to help as many people as possible connect with the outside world.
• Each trip is meticulously tailored to those taking part, and Pied A Terre Adventures will create a personalised itinerary, organise every bag transfer, make sure all equipment is in order, coordinate with each accommodation, and be on hand 24/7.
• This year (2021) Pied A Terre Adventures launched a series of self-guided walking routes, plus its own Virtual Guide. The new mobile application allows customers to access their own programme, trail notes, top sights and adventure pack. In addition, they will have the local knowledge of Pied A Terre Adventures’ expert guides at the tap of a button. The Virtual Guide will also plot the route via OS Maps, share insights to local flora and fauna and recommend places to eat and drink.
• Richard and Kirstie also specialise in arranging bespoke experiences – whether it be a luxury hotel with a pool, first-class seats on a steam train, or an extra beer or wine tasting tour. They strive to make the customer’s feeling a reality.
• The tours begin and end near mainland train stations, so it is easy to travel in and out of London for an adventure in the countryside. And all trips are dog friendly; four-legged companions are welcome too.

Account Manager: Rosie Barcroft (rosie @ heavenpublicity.co.uk)

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